This is a deeper massage, and emphasizes whichever muscles of the body are used most in the sport the client performs. For example, in runners, the therapist would focus on the glutes and the leg muscles.

The goal of this form of massage is to increase performance in the sport. The therapist will use a deeper touch, to help clear out waste products that can accumulate in overworked muscles. The massage can also help to break up adhesions, which are small areas where two layers of tissue become stuck together as a result of damage and the resulting inflammation. These are like small scars, which can restrict an athlete’s range of motion and interfere with performance.

Sports massage helps to enhance recovery, so that muscles can recover faster from hard workouts. It also improves range of motion, which can improve performance in the sport as well as help the body to feel and function better in daily life. Some high-performance athletes find that they have pain or restrictions in their bodies as a result of their intensive training schedules, which can affect their daily lives. Sports massage can help.

In addition to deep touch, the use of hot stones is frequently a part of sports massage. The heat from the stones helps the muscles to relax and release, and also increases circulation to facilitate muscle recovery.


Can sports massage work for any type of sport?

This form of massage can be effective for any physical discipline that you wish to improve in. Some of our sports massage clients perform team sports, such as basketball, football, baseball, or soccer. (In fact, many professional sports teams employ massage therapists to perform sports massage on the athletes regularly, in order to increase their performance.) We also see runners, dancers, figure skaters, martial artists, and others. No matter what physical discipline it is, if you want to perform at a high level, sports massage can be an effective tool in your toolbox.

Why do you use hot stones?

The heat from the stones helps encourage tight muscles to relax and release. The heat also increases circulation to the area. With increased blood flow, the body is able to flush out waste products and repair tissue damage more easily. Because tissue damage is always a part of a tough workout, the extra circulation can be very helpful in order to recover and build strength in the muscle.

What if I have an injury?

Sports massage can sometimes be very helpful in recovering from an injury. A massage can help the injured body part and the tissues around it to relax, which allows the body to heal more quickly. By improving blood flow, massage also flushes out waste products and helps to address inflammation, which can also speed healing. Additionally, massage can help to prevent muscle imbalances from arising (it’s common to experience an imbalance after an injury, because people often use the body in a different way while being careful with the injured part).

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If you’re interested in increasing performance in your sport and addressing some of the imbalances in the body that sports can create, we welcome you to visit our office for sports massage with Jamila. Some athletes also choose to have chiropractic treatment with Dr. Barnes, while others find that sports massage is enough to meet their needs. If you want to learn more about our offerings, or would like to schedule an appointment to see for yourself how sports massage works for your body, please contact our office.

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