Although most people have heard of chiropractic, many people aren’t sure exactly what it entails. We want our patients to be empowered through education, so we provide this information to benefit those who are curious about chiropractic or who are considering it for themselves or a loved one.

Chiropractic adjustment

The mainstay of chiropractic treatment is adjustment. This form of hands-on treatment applies a gentle but specific force to a joint that is experiencing pain or other dysfunction.

What types of adjustment does Dr. Barnes perform?

Although there are a wide variety of different adjustment techniques currently in use, Dr. Barnes focuses on the diversified technique and the activator method. These two methods of chiropractic treatment have been tested and widely accepted as effective.

For each patient, Dr. Barnes selects the treatment method that is likely to be most effective for that individual’s situation. For some patients, she uses either the diversified technique or the activator method alone. For other patients, she employs both in conjunction. Dr. Barnes also uses adjunct treatments, such as muscle stimulation or therapeutic ultrasound, in certain cases. Treatment is always highly personalized, and is designed to achieve the best possible result for each patient.

Diversified technique

The diversified technique is the traditional chiropractic manipulation method. The chiropractor uses his or her hands to apply a high-amplitude, low-force (meaning a small but quick) force to the affected joint. The diversified technique can be used on any joint, including any part of the spine or the limbs.

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Activator method

The activator method uses a small handheld device to apply a targeted force to the affected joint. The amount of force used in the adjustment can be varied based on the patient’s needs. The activator method is ideal for sensitive areas of the body, or for seniors who need a gentler form of adjustment. This form of adjustment can be used alone, or can be combined with the diversified technique.

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Muscle stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound

In addition to adjustment, Dr. Barnes uses other treatment modalities that help to speed the healing process. Muscle stimulation uses electrodes on the surface of the skin to pass a small, non-painful amount of current into the muscles, causing muscle contractions. This stimulates blood flow, releases the body’s natural painkillers, reduces muscle spasms, and helps to speed the healing process.

Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to affect the healing process. This increases blood flow, breaks up scar tissue, and causes gentle heating of the area. Through these mechanisms, therapeutic ultrasound can speed the process of recovery from an injury.

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What types of conditions can be treated by chiropractic?

Chiropractic can treat a variety of different musculoskeletal conditions. In our office, we’ve had great success treating patients with the following:

  • RADICULAR PAIN (Pain in an arm or leg resulting from compression of a nerve)
  • TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT (TMJ) DISORDER (Dysfunction in the jaw joints)
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS (Pain or tingling in the soles of the feet)

This is not an exhaustive list. Many musculoskeletal and neurological conditions can be treated effectively through chiropractic.

Chester Chiropractic Center

We encourage you to come in for an evaluation to determine whether chiropractic would be an appropriate treatment in your situation. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Chester, NJ, please come to see us at Chester Chiropractic. Dr. Robin Barnes offers her patients her years of advanced training and experience, as well as a warm and personal touch that puts people at ease. She focuses on offering treatments that have been shown through scientific research to be effective in relieving pain and dysfunction. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Barnes, please contact our office.

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